DM’s Required!

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Event Info, Meet the DM's

The UK D&D Tweetup events don’t run themselves, and this time, one of the core team is on holiday… Thankfully Vobeskhan has stepped up to the plate and offered to DM, but I’m still after 1 more DM for the day.

Drowathon DM’s will receive a free tshirt (XXXL if you’re anything like me) with the Rise of the Underdark logo on it. It’s not much, but it’s a sign that wotC appreciate what we do.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    The more X’s the better, last D&D shirt I “won” was the Dragonborn Paladin one but it was just a large so my youngest claimed it LOL

  2. Shane Leahy says:

    I can probably DM. Just need to verify the date with the boss.

    • At the moment, there’s me, Mik and @Pedr has offered. I quite fancy playing D&D rather than running it for a change, so I’ll take you up on the offer!

      • Shane Leahy says:

        This will work as I believe it is my turn for the next Encounters Season and this could lead into it nicely.

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