Drowathon Events

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Event Info, Rise of the Underdark

The main events we want to run at the Drowathon on the 12th of May are The Sun Never Rises and the frist session of the Web of the Spider Queen

The Sun Never Rises is written by Shawn Merwin, the genius behind Kalarels Revenge, the Hall of Undermountain update, and Fliker’s last appearance in Dungeon. Shawn is a great writer, with a knack for exploration, interaction and detailed pre-gens.

Beneath the settlement of Dagger Falls, the deadly vanguard of an evil army crawls from the Underdark to threaten those who revere the light.

Her Radiance Dareen Travaskyr has led the Temple of Lathander’s Light for many years, making it a source of good and civilization in the otherwise wild Daggerdale. When the priestess received a vision urging her to create a powerful icon against an impending darkness, she employed a group of adventurers to complete her divinely inspired tasks. But evil has spies everywhere. Now, the party of heroes might be the only thing standing between forces bent on a grisly fate for the temple’s inhabitants.

The Encounters season, Web of the Spider Queen is written by Logan Bonner, whose work with D&D is too long to list, suffice to say he’s written a lot of really good stuff over the years…

Long past are the days when drow ruled over Shadowdale from the Twisted Tower—or are they? Beneath the sleepy farming community, an old evil stirs. The drow and their foul Underdark minions have set eyes on the Dalelands, but to what end is anyone’s guess. Now, it’s up to an unlikely band of adventurers to defend Shadowdale from the drow threat and learn what Lolth and her villainous followers are up to. Success means a respite from danger. Failure could doom the surface world.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    Looking forward to helping run this on the day 🙂

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