Rise of the Underdark

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Rise of the Underdark

Ages ago, my children descended into the depths of the earth. This wasn’t exile… Nor was it an escape. It would be foolish for anyone to think of the Underdark as a safe haven. For it has ever been a place filled with deadly creatures and eternal danger.

But the Underdark was never meant to be a home for the drow. It was their crucible.

A harsh and unforgiving existence filled with pain and death where only the swift, strong, and sly dare to survive. And as steel sharpens steel, the dark elves have become mighty.

And now…they are ready.

The return to the surface began in secret. But now, their presence will be known. My children will be swift and unrelenting. As they swarm over your land, with all their schemes and intrigues, I will weave them into a dark web that will ensnareeveryone.

And when all is done, I shall cast my shadow over the world so that all may revel in my splendor.
—Lolth, Queen of Spiders

Rise of the Underdark is a storyline and product range from Wizards of the Coast, that encompasses convention events, organised play events like the Encounters seasons and Lair Assaults, novels, rpg books, dungeon tiles and poster maps, minis, computer games…

It turns out that Rise of the Underdark isn’t a new storyline, but one they started over a decade ago, with the War of the Spider Queen novels, and the City of the Spider Queen adventure… Rise of the Underdark continues that story, showing the effects of Lolths ongoing transformation, the effects of her Silence upon the drow, and their desire to take over the world.

It sounds like the Rise of the Underdark, with it occupying 3 encounters seasons, and 2 lair assault seasons, will be a multipart storyline, where the players actions may potentially alter the storylines progress… The first part is being called ‘Step into Shadow’

Sightings of dark elves on the surface have grown steadily—turning from dismissible rumors into disturbing reports. Brave heroes are needed to discover what plot or purpose is driving the children of Lolth to so boldly intrude upon our realm. Drow-laden encounters and challenges await you in stores everywhere—along with an array of products that will help you in your attempt to survive The Rise of the Underdark.

  1. Here’s the full list of Rise of the Underdark related events and products. I particularly love the name of the last encounters season… Foreshadowing of something that will happen in D&D Next perhaps?

    Web of the Spider Queen May 16-August 15
    Council of the Spiders August 22-October 17
    War of Everlasting Darkness October 24-December 19

    Spiderkiller June-August
    Kill the Wizard September-November

    Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook – May 2012

    Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue – August 2012

    Dungeon Tiles: Urban Underdark – June 2012
    Dungeon Tiles: Castle Grimstead – September 2012
    Dungeon Tiles: Ruins of War – November 2012

    Vaults of the Underdark – July 2012

    Drow Treachery – August 2012

    Galeforce nine Products:
    Caverns of the Underdark 3-D Adventure Set – Summer 2012
    Untitled Dungeon Maps – Summer 2012

    Dungeon Command Sting of Lolth Faction Pack – July 2012

    D&D Forgotten Realms Novels
    War of the Spider Queen
    Vol 1: Dissolution by Richard Lee Byers, Insurrection by Thomas M. Reid, Condemnation by Richard Baker – April 2012
    Vol 2: Extinction by Lisa Smedman, Annihilation by Philip Athens, Resurrection by Paul S. Kemp – May 2012

    The Neverwinter Saga III
    Charon’s Claw by R.A. Salvatore – August 2012

    Sword of the Gods: Spinner of Lies by Bruce R. Cordell – June 2012
    Skein of Shadows by Marsheila Rockwell – July 2012
    Prince of Ravens by Richard Baker – July 2012
    Spider and Stone by Jaleigh Johnson – November 2012

    Dungeon & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Comic Books – Summer 2012

    Video Games
    Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Expansion
    Heroes of Neverwinter on Facebook: Drow Expansion

  2. vobeskhan says:

    Oh boy, its gonna be an expensive year for me lol, best start booking some overtime to earn the extras but make sure it doesnt clash with any upcoming events (of which I hope there will be many).

    Only hard decision – to play or dm?

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