Posted: April 11, 2012 in Event Info

Ticketing is one of those aspects of the events run by the Tweetup team that I’ve never felt we’ve got right. We’ve tried Eventbrite, we’ve tried Facebook events, we’ve tried Meetup… Regardless of which way we choose to organise the ticketing, someone either forgets to sign up, or doesn’t want to use that method of social media, or signs up but doesn’t come…

To this end, the Drowathon is being run as a totally free and totally open event. The event doesn’t require you to confirm your attendance (though it’d be nice if you can comment here and say you’ll try to come), and tables will be filled and started on a first come first served basis. If there’s no spaces at a table, then we’ll try and best to organise another one, or run you through the adventure after the current tables have finished. All we really ask is that if you come, you have fun, chat with your fellow D&D players, and spend some money at the shop!


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