Posted: April 12, 2012 in Event Info

At the second UK D&D Tweetup we raffled a crazy amount of prizes and raised loads of money for Comic Relief. At the third tweetup, we raffled a much smaller set, and the money was split between a gift to the shop, Mondo Comico, for hosting us, and the other part of the money went towards the running costs of the tweetups (companies who provide the freebies and raffle prizes often ask for us to cover the shipping costs). At the time, I was criticized for this, and as such, I’d like to ask people to comment here and suggest charities that any fundraising at the Drowathon can go to.

As for the fundraising itself… I picked the name Drowathon both to evoke a marathon day of drow related D&D, but also to play on the old telethon events of my childhood.

What I’d like to suggest is that for every drow killed, you throw a small donation into a bucket. Say 20p if you kill the drow, and 10p if someone on your table kills a drow. While 70p per table per drow doesn’t sound much, i’m hoping that after a whole day of drow slaughtering, these voluntary donations will quickly add up into a large amount that we can donate. If you want to donate more, that’s great, if you only want to donate when you kill something, that’s fine, if you don’t want to donate, then that’s no problem!

In addition to the free drow mini, we’ll also give attendees a raffle ticket. If we reach a target of £100 of donations, we’ll raffle off a mystery prize…

And remember, the person with the most drow kills wins the War of the Spider Queen volume 1!

  1. vobeskhan says:

    Sounds good to me, Dm’s could donate for pc kills too, as to the charity how about the air amulance one that your work colleague is raising money for.

    • A £1 from DM’s for each pc kill? £2 if its a drow pc!

      As for chairties, Yorkshire Air Ambulance is something I love to support. They are great guys, and having seen their skill at landing the helicopter on some tiny patches of grass between trees to attend a car crash they deserve the support.

      My personal preference is Bliss, the charity for premature babies. Having had complications during pregnancies, and the very real risk of my twins being premature, Bliss were there to support us even though nothing had gone wrong yet.

  2. paulbaalham says:

    I hope you will be taking money to cover your costs. It’s not fair that you have to pay money AND have the stress of organising things. As to donations. My preference would be Mondo Comico, or any of the charities that have been mentioned so far.

  3. vobeskhan says:

    Also how about any killed pc’s getting one of these (care of Dreadgazeebo)

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