An incentive?

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Event Info, Rise of the Underdark

An incentive? Beyond a free mini, the chance to win the War of the Spider Queen novels, the option to play on 3d terrain, and gaming with some of the uk’s finest… Oh, ok… WotC will give you another incentive to join the Drowathon, and play The Sun Never Rises…

Each character, in their background has been tasked with finding a ruby… Should you complete the adventure successfully (note, that means it is possible to complete the adventure, but be unsuccessful…), your characters ruby may well be changed into something useful.

Even we don’t know exactly what the ruby medallion of Lathander is, or how it will effect the Encounters season… All we’ve been told is that it will help you in Web of the Spider Queen if you get it from The Sun Never Rises.

  1. Holy moly, the ruby is awesome…
    A level 3 neck item, that obviously gives you a +1 item bonus to fortitude, reflex and will, the medalion also has a constant property that makes you immune to a drow’s darkfire power. If that wasn’t good enough, the item also has a Daily Minor Action Utility power, that casts bright light in burst 5 until the end of the encounter. And if that light hits a cloud of darkness? Well… Both are extinguished.

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