Intrepid Heroes Emerge

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Character Sheets

We had originally planned to allow players to come to the Drowathon with their own characters, but have decided to make things simpler fro the DM’s and any new players, and enforce a pre-gen only rule.

Part of this decision has been made because the Sun Never Rises provides detailed character backgrounds, motivations, roleplaying notes, and thoughts/feelings about the other pre-gens. This is the hallmark of a Shawn Merwin convention adventure, and allows people to pick up an otherwise flavourless character sheet and make the character really come alive at the table.

Shawn Merwins other major convention adventure, Kalarels Revenge, set after the events of the Keep on the Shadowfell, and built to support the launch of the Icewind Dale tileset and Heroes of Shadow book, featured 6 characters whose motivatons could only be described as ‘selfish and evil’. Every time I’ve run that adventure, i’ve seen good roleplayers turn into great ones, as they take the subtle hints of the characters background and turn them into fully feldged beings that interact with the players, monsters and world around them.

I’ll be honest and say I was quite surprised at how ‘dark’ some of the backgrounds for The Sun Never Rises are, but I would be happy to play any of the characters because I feel that their place in the party, the adventure, and the season in general is well defined.

So… Who are the pc’s?

The Pc’s are the standard Encounters pregens from the last few seasons…

Belgos, a male drow ranger (hunter build). You are a  drow that has been born and raised on the surface, a child of one of the renegade drow forced to live on the surface. I’ve always liked this pregen and in fact I use a tweaked version of Belgos in my home game. Belgos is a ranged controller, capable of raining arrows down in volleys, or precisely targetting enemies, or knocking them back with the force of his shots.

Brandis, a male human paladin (cavalier build). A native of Shadowdale, the drudgery of farm life and militia service was beneath you, so you became a holy knight of the sun god Amaunator. As the only defender on the group, Brandis is capable of taking lots of punishment, thanks to his impressive armour and toughened body.

Fargrim, a male dwarf fighter (slayer build). One of the few surviving members of the Ketterhold Clan, Fargrim sticks to tradition, and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Fargrim as written, comes across as having a hint of Yorkshire blood in him, his thoughts and feelings about the other characters are excellent. Wielding his ace with glee, Fargrim charges into combat as fast as his short stubby legs carry him, slamming into foes with unrelentless force.

Valenae, a female eladrin cleric (war priest build). Primed for a life of servitude to Amaunator, Valanae wanted more, she wanted adventure… But so far adventure has eluded her… The groups only healer, Valanae uses her worship of the sun god to bless her allies with Amaunator’s divine and guiding light.

Keira, a female elf rogue (thief build). A natural swindler, you’ve spent your life on the run, one step ahead of the punishment your crimes would entail. Keira is swift and deadly, able to flow across the street and cellars of the Dalelands with ease.

Jarren, a male human wizard (evocation mage build). Orphaned at a young age, the fortunes have smiled upon you, and you have traveled widely, constantly improving your skills of wielded the deadly arts of offensive magic, twisting it into tremendous spells of ice and fire. A ranged controller like Belgos, Jarren’s abilities extend beyond simple damaging attacks, with useful arcane tricks to help his allies.


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