Who is the Drowathon for?

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Event Info

The drowathon is being run by the team behind the UK D&D Tweetups. The Tweetups are events organised via Twitter for the UK D&d scene that tweets regularly about D&D (under the #dnd hashtag for example). They are designed as events to allow those on twitter to meet up, put a face to a name, play some D&D and general have some fun.

The Drowathon however, is a much more open event. We don’t just want to see the usual suspects from Twitter, we want to see gamers who’ve not come to a tweetup, or who run games but don’t get to play D&D often. We want to be able to have players who are new to D&D 4th Edition playing alongside those who game week in and week out.

Our 3 DM’s (subject to confirmation, no purchase necessary…) are all experienced and have run in conventions, home groups, and D&D Encounters. They have the skills to handle new players, and rules lawyers. More importantly, they enjoy the game, and their goal is making your gaming experience the best they can.

So if you are just getting in to D&D, don’t be afraid, come along to the Drowathon, and help stop the Rise of the Underdark.


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