Give me a DC 15 Skill Check Please…

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Rise of the Underdark

I thought it would be nice to re-visit the 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, and give you a few clues from it’s pages about the Dales and the Drow…

The Dalelands

The Dalelands comprises several forested counties, called dales, scattered around the perimeter of the Cormanthor Forest. Although the dales share common traditions, cultural practices, and religious allegiances, the Dalelands is not a unified kingdom like Cormyr or Impiltur. The broad forest vales, separated by rolling farmlands, are interlinked by narrow trade roads through lush woods. The dales’ independent spirit and age-old alliance with the fey of
Cormanthor are well known across most of Faerûn.

Over the last century, the Dalelands has been the focus of powerful surrounding realms, all vying for control.

History DC 15

Daggerdale: Long since free of Zhent influence, Daggerdale now finds itself an unwilling buffer against the Empire of Netheril. In recent years, Daggerdale has been increasingly troubled by savage humanoids from the Desertsmouth Mountains and lycanthropes from the Dagger Hills.

Shadowdale: This dale remains peaceful and secure, even with the absence of powerful protectors of old, such as Storm Silverhand. Elminster resides there still, but his powers have diminished since Mystra’s fall. The border with the Feywild is weak along the River Ashaba in Shadowdale. As a result, a burgeoning population of fey and sylvan creatures has appeared throughout the land.

Streetwise DC 15

Those dales that are not under the control of a foreign power are closely allied. Moreover, the Dales Council has consolidated its authority in the aftermath of Sembia’s overt conquests. Most areas are also on good terms with Myth Drannor, though the relationship is strained in the case of Archendale. The Dales are friendly toward Cormyr,
especially High Dale, but Mistledale worries about Cormyrian expansion through Tilver’s Gap. The Dalelands is continually troubled by the unsettled situation in the Moonsea region, the drow (who plague Battledale, Mistledale, and Shadowdale), and the monstrous infestation of Daggerdale. An uneasy peace lies over Tasseldale and Featherdale, but Dalelanders fighting Sembians could provoke a wider war. And beyond the Desertsmouth Mountains looms the ominous Empire of Netheril.

Adventure Sites

Old Skull: This bleached stone headland once served as a doorway through which Underdark drow made their way to the surface and controlled the surrounding area in Shadowdale. Old Skull’s depths descend to the Underdark. For a while, Elminster’s power kept the drow bottled up. Since the Spellplague and Elminster’s diminishment, the drow are whispered to be once again wending their way up the narrow stairs. Likewise, adventurers sometimes descend past the old volcanic dome. Some return, others are lost forever in the dark lands beneath.


Myth Drannor

The small but vital realm of Myth Drannor is nestled in the forest of Cormanthor. The region’s giant maples, looming shadowtop trees, and towering oaks seem a living testament to a forgotten green age, a time in which humans were an afterthought. The new Myth Drannor is not as powerful or widespread as the realm that fell in the Year of Doom (714 DR), but it’s still the strongest state between Sembia and Thay.

History DC 15

The fallen kingdom of Cormanthyr (now Myth Drannor) was refounded by Ilsevele Miritar after the eladrin Crusade, led by her father Seiveril Miritar, drove out the elf–demon spawn known as daemonfey in the Year of Lightning Storms
(1374 DR). Ilsevele was an able and worthy Coronal, and over the course of a century she rebuilt the ruined city, drove the drow of Auzkovyn and Jaelre back into the Underdark, and checked Zhent and Sembian designs on both the forest and the Dalelands.


The Drow

The drow of Faerûn are undisputed masters of the Underdark as well a scourge of surface lands. Their realms extend across the underworld, poking to the surface here and there like deadly fungi. Over th elast century, they have been driven out of ancient elven dominions, taken tremendous losses in Lolth’s campaign against other drow deities, and suffered setbacks in the wake of the Spellplague. But now, united under Lolth’s authority, the drow are one of the most potent threats in the world.

History DC 15

The drow took advantage of the Elven Retreat from the Forest of Cormanthor in the middle of the last century. Several drow factions, House Jaelre and the Auzkovyn clan chief among them, invaded abandoned settlements and places
where resistance was weak. Jaelre drow settled in old elven holds, while the Auzkovyns were content to roam the woodlands. Ilsevele Miritar drove the drow back into the Underdark when she retook Myth Drannor, but they remain a problem in areas beneath Myth Drannor and the Dalelands.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    Talk about timing, I picked up a copy of the Campaign Guide from the “bring & buy” stall at Con-Quest at the weekend (bargain at £10).

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