Meet the DM’s – Mik

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Meet the DM's

We’ll start with an easy first question… Who are you and where are you from?

Mik Calow (@Vobeskhan), 40+ gamer dad from Leicester.

How long have you been into roleplaying games?

A little over 30 years now. Started in 1980 with original Red Box, played through 1 st and 2nd Edition
before taking a break then getting the bug again with 4e about 3 years ago.

What systems do you usually play and do you usually play/DM?

Usually its 4e these days, DMing weekly Encounters now at Tabletop Tyrants in Leicester, as well as
Lair Assaults there and at Mondo Comico. Though I try to get to be a player when possible when I
visit Mondo as its usually my only chance, I quite like the opportunity to DM for different players.
I’ve just got my regular FR 4e campaign back in play on a monthly basis at my friends house.

Whats your favourite D&D Campaign setting and why?

The Forgotten Realms has always been my campaign setting of choice (with Ravenloft running a very
close second). A huge fan of the numerous novels produced throughout the 80-90’s for the Realms,
particularly the R A Salvatore Drizzt series.

Whats your favourite individual adventure?

It would have to be either N5 Under Illefarn, FRC1 Ruins of Adventure, or I6 Ravenloft – all 1 st Ed
adventures that I rejigged for running in my 2nd Ed campaigns over the years.

How would you describe your DMing style?

  • Its all about the combat
  • The story rules all
  • By the book, ma’am
  • Improv is the key
  • A general mix of the above

I’d like to think its a general mix, although I’ve been gaming 30+years I’m still a relative newbie to
4e and tend to follow the script on printed adventures, though I try to inject a bit of myself into the
npc’s etc involved.


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