A4 Character Sheets

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Character Sheets

The pre-gen sheets provided by WotC for Encounters are great, they are simple and attractive, but for someone like me with vision problems, they are a nightmare. I’ve adapted the pre-gens into my own double sided A4 format, with the powers full details and flavour text, and incorporated the background and personality notes for each character (it lacks the ‘thoughts/feelings’ section).


Belgos – Drow Hunter

Brandis – Human Cavalier

Jarren – Human Mage

Valenae – Eladrin Cleric

Keira – Elf Thief

Fargrim – Dwarf Slayer

  1. I’m intrigued… Hits on Brandis’ character sheets, either in the official format or my homemade A4 version are more than double the others. What makes him a desirable character?

  2. paulbaalham says:

    Thanks for doing this! It will be a lot easier for me to use these..

  3. I made a mistake on the version of Fargrim’s sheet hosted here, and left the Initiative and Speed form another character on there. The printed and laminated sheets I’ll have with me on the day are correct with a +2 initiative and 5 speed.

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