Meet the DM’s – Shane

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Meet the DM's

An easy first question to get you started, who are you and where are you from?

Shane Leahy (@Grami_WER), from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

How long have you beeninto roleplaying games?

I started back in 1984 when my father brought the rule book from the Red Box home. I have been playing since then. My primary love has always been D&D.

What systems do you usually play and do you usually play/DM?

Currently 4e is my primary game. Other ones get tossed in when it some else runs the game. In my usual group we rotate the GM position so currently I am playing in a D&D campaign. I am also DMing a group on Monday nights and I take my turn DMing Encounters though I am currently a player.

Whats your favourite D&D Campaign setting and why?

Greyhawk. It was the first campaign setting I had and so much history is tied into it. Though as much history as there is, you can still make it yours.

Whats your favourite individual adventure?

My favourite is I3 Pharaoh, though I have never had a chance to play it all the way through. My favourite that I have played, and have played several times is the classic Keep on the Borderlands.

How would you describe your DMing style?

  • Its all about the combat
  • The story rules all
  • By the book, ma’am
  • Improv is the key
  • A general mix of the above

I believe a general mix when doing home campaigns. I try run games that appeal to the players so if they want more combat, then I try and give it to them. At teh end of the day, its all about having fun for everyone.


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