Mike Mearls mentioned us!!!

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I organise and run the UK D&D Tweetup events on my own time, and absorb a lot of the cost myself (companies like to give freebies, but don’t always like to pay the shipping on them). I’m backed up my some really great people, including friends, companies, and of course Mondo Comico. I have a great time organising and running them, and theres often a lot of praise for what we put together and do on the day, but I always end up in a bit of a downer afterwards, wondering what could have been done to improve the event etc.

So imagine my surprise when Mike Mearls mentioned us in the announcement of the D&D Next playtest. Seeing those 3 words ‘UK D&D Tweetup’ sandwiched between D&D Experience and Pax East validates all the work we put into these events, and blows the doubts away.

But I don’t want to take the credit.

It goes to WotC for taking a chance on a small uk group of committed D&D Fans.

It goes to my team, people like Symatt, Paul, Mik, Shane, David @ Mondo Comico. Without these guys, I couldn’t make the events happen.

It goes to the companies who have supported us over the past few events, people like Esdevium, TOOI, Tritex-Games, Wicked Dice, Dice Shop Online, Otherworld Minis, and tons of others I’ve forgotten to mention.

And most importantly, without the UK scene taking the time out of their lives to come to these events, they wouldn’t exist at all. Thus, its you who deserve the biggest thanks!




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