Is Drizzt Your Role Model?

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Event Info

If the Rise of the Underdark is all about stopping the influence and advancement of Lolth’s grand schemes, and as such, we feel we should award the player who eliminates the most drow during the course of the day, hence the War of the Spider Queen 1 book to the killer of the most foes.

But what about those players who secretly support the aims of the great spider goddess?

Well, we make the emo poster boy of the Forgotten Realms their idol…

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve gained some additional support for the event and will hopefully have a copy of IDW’s collected Drizzt Do’urden comics to give as a prize to the player who deals absolutely ZERO damage to the drow during the day.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    While I’m a fan of the Drizzt series of books, I find the other characters more to my liking. In the earlier books Artemis Entreri was top of my list, in later tales it was Athrogate the rhyming dwarf, but of the supporting cast of Drow it has to be the ever flamboyant Jarlaxle Beanre that makes me smile.

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