More Rise of the Underdark Events

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Event Info, Rise of the Underdark

In addition to the Drowathon and First Assault event in St Albans, game stores around the UK will be taking part in the encounters season starting on the 16th of May. I’ve also been made away of the following events:

Lair Assault – Spiderkiller at Mondo Comico, Saturday June 9th –

(A little hint from WotC, Spiderkiller is set in Undermountain, a fan-favorite super dungeon, so pick up the Halls of Undermountain book to gain an edge…)

On Saturday July 21st, WotC are running another Worldwide Games Day, this time to support the launch of the new skirmish minis game, Dungeon Command. Stores will have at least 1 free copy of the 2 starter sets, and a limited supply of exclusively painted minis. The following stores will be running this and have asked us to help promote them.

Mondo Comico, Nottingham –

Tabletop Tyrants, Leicester –

Chaos City Comics, St Albans (for more details, follow!/banjotheclown)

As other stores confirm their running of these events, i’ll add them to this page.

In addition, Saturday June 16th see’s the return of Free RPG Day, and WotC’s contribution this year is an adventure module called “Dead in the Eye”. Whether this ties into the Rise of the Underdark season has yet to be seen, but the last 3 years freebies have always been linked in some way to the big product line being launched that year.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    I’m definately over at Mondo on the 9th to play in the Lair Assault, hopefully over for the Free RPG day (but its also my youngest’s 16th birthday). I’ve just had confirmation from Tabletop that they can host so I’ll be running Dungeon Command Game Day in Leicester on the 21st July.

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