More players!

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, while cleaning up my caravan ready for the trip down to Nottingham next weekend, lots of people came to the website, and 3 players let me know they’d be coming.

First up, after years of trying to get him to come and always conflicting with his hectic life, Darrell from Daventry, aka @BrotherBaldric, has been lured north to join us.

Secondly, Efka and his wife Elaine are joining us ahead of the Chaos City Comics’ Rise of the Underdark event #FirstAssault on the 19th.

Finally, there are a few of the Mondo Comico encounters players who have yet to confirm if they will be joining us for this introduction to the season ahead.


And then, just after I posted this, I got another request to join the event, so one of Darrell’s friends is coming with his daughter. Current count, 24, with 5 possibles.

Because of the increase in numbers, it looks like we’ll be adding a fourth table to the mix!


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