Want to get your Drow on in Encounters?

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Character Sheets

Witht he focus on Drow in the new Into the Dungoen book, and the whole focus of the Rise of the Underdark, its no surprise that Drow pc’s will be a common sight at the tabletop. So much so, that the guys over at Dungeons and donuts have taken the excellent template used by James Stowe, added thir own art, and created a handful of Drow pre-gens ready for the Web of the Spider Queen season.


  1. vobeskhan says:

    Some nice alternative character sheets there, though none are Essentials build.
    Just a question for fellow Encounters DM’s, do you limit the players pc builds to those listed for each season or do you allow free reign?

    • Personally, I think the essentials restriction and only content from the latest book is a good thing for new players, and it forces existing players to try new combos. However, if a player asked to use an older class/race and they had a good backstory that fit with the seasons theme, I wouldn’t stop them from using it.

      • vobeskhan says:

        We’re hoping our store will begin stocking more D&D material beginning this season, So far they’ve had 1 copy of Elemental Chaos (which I bought) and 2 copies of Lords of Waterdeep boardgame.

        But thankfully they have said they want to begin to do more and I have supplied a helpful list for them and they’ve said if there’s something specific one of us wants they will order it for us. 🙂

  2. As a followup up to the Drow pre-gens, Dungeons and Donuts have posted up more pre-gens, this time, all essentials builds (though two are from heroes of the feywild), all are female, and all have sensible armour.


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