Meet the DM’s – Adam

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Meet the DM's

An easy first question to get you started, who are you and where are you from?

I’m Adam Page, from Leeds. I’m found on twitter as @adampageuk or @ukdndtweetup, and I occasionally blog 4e material at

How long have you been into roleplaying games?

I first encountered roleplaying games when my brother and his friends were playing X1: Isle of Dread that came in the BECMI Expert box set. I sat in on a few of their games and annoyed them by making suggestions, so eventually he convinced my parents to get me my own starter set of D&D. That was 21 years ago…

What systems do you usually play and do you usually play/DM?

Recently i’ve been DM’ing a lot of the D&D Next Playtest which has been really enjoyable. My favourite system to play or DM is D&D and its the system I always return to. I love 4e, which to me was nearly perfect, though i’ve been blessed with great gamers top play it with.

Outside of D&D, I was a large presence in the SLA Industries community in the early 00’s, I’ve built homebrew systems, played obscure indie games like Project, and generally tried most systems at some point in their life. One system i’m really liking at the moment is All for One by Triple Ace Games

Whats your favourite D&D Campaign setting and why?

Thats a tough one. I started in the BECMI era, so Mystara was my home campaign world, with the Hollow World, and Savage Coast (later the Red Steel Campaign Setting), and i’d love to see D&D return to this world (incorporating the excellent Nerath stuff into it). Theres so much potential in a fairly generic world like Mystara and Nerath, no major personalities to come up against, and thus the DM is free to make the world their own.

Dark Sun came out not long after I got into D&D and i’ve always loved that setting, though I got a bit bored of the $e version after all the Encounters, Free RPG Day, Games Day etc… Theres only a handful of ways a DM can make sand sound exciting…

Whats your favourite individual adventure?

I’ve got 3. X1 Isle of Dread, because it got me into D&d holds a very special place in my heart, and it was nice to see @Matt_James_RPG use the location in his recent Lair Assault adventure.

Kalarels Revenge (by the excellent Shawn Merwin who wrote The Sun Never Rises…) is a perfect example of what 4e can do. The pc’s have selfish motivations for being in the area, and the encounters can be fought through, negotiated through, bluffed through, sneaked through… It’s brilliant, and I really wish WotC would give it away on their website.

My absolute favourite adventure though, is the Labyrinth of Madness, the 25th anniversary mega killer dungeon by Monte Cook. Featuring a host of yaun-ti, a magical field/entity that warps everything, killer traps in almost every square foot of floor or wall space, weird sigils that must be collected in order but are found out of order… It puts tomb of horrors to shame…

How would you describe your DMing style?

  • Its all about the combat
  • The story rules all
  • By the book, ma’am
  • Improv is the key
  • A general mix of the above

I’d say i’m a general mix of the above because my style really depends on the group i’m with. I’ve played with some groups where it has just been about the combat, and i’ve had to step up my tactics. I’ve played with other groups where we’ve played 3 or 4 hour games and never rolled a dice, and where even a simple combat is deadly because they are so story focused.

The main thing i’d say is that i’m not a “by the book” DM, if you want to use a power in an inventive way, or want to do something that bends the rules slightly but is in keeping with your character, then I’m not goign to let the rules stand in the way of the group enjoying the game.

A word of warning though, unfortunately through years of running games at Travelling Man Leeds, and through twitter, the tweetups, and Forge of the Dawn Titan lair assault, I have an (undeserved) reputation for being evil…

It’s not like i’ve ever placed a huge spider mini down in a delve after they’ve finished 3 tough encounters with drow and their spidery allies, thus thinking they’d finished, and given a player arachnophobia… No thats just a bad rumour… Honest…


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