The Aftermath

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

As far as I know, the 29 people who came to the drowathon have all got home safely, and several of them went away with lighter wallets and heavier bags…

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to all that came. As i’ve said before, all I do is suggest a date and a venue, and its the crazy wonderful people who listen to me and come that actually make the event what it is. Without people turning up, i’d look like a sad pathetic loner…

Secondly, I’m grateful that Mondo Comcio was willing o host us for free for yet another event. It was great to see the shop full of people having a good time, and it was nice to see people buying stuff. I’m not sure how many Zombie Dice he had left but that seemed to be flying off the shelf.

Thirdly, a huge thanks to Wizards of the Coast, especially to Chris Tulach for opening up the adventure to conventions other than PAX East, and to Shawn Merwin for writing something that was a blast to run.

The 2 tables of 3d terrain were nice, though I’d say that Shane’s was better made and better painted than mine!

Looking at the numbers, 29 is excellent. After a fairly poor turnout at the Kalarels Revenge mini-event at the end of march/start of april, I was really worried that we’d struggle to fill 3 tables. Out of those 29, 14 of you had not been to a tweetup event before, and Ian and Mark are not from our extended circle of friends, so having faces that are new to all of us is an absolutely awesome fact for me.

We didn’t raise much money for charity, and I’ll admit I didn’t push the issue much on my table. The prize for the most drow kill seemed to a nicely contested competition. On my table, we had two players tied with 3 kills (with some definite kill stealing going on), Matt got 4, but the prize went to Wingshun from Shane’s table with 5 kills! The prize for the least drow damage on the other hand, inspired some downright heretical behaviour, and 3 people, Efka, Tilly and James Broadley tied with zero damage inflicted. James even had the underhand tactics of attempting to heal drow… A zombie dice rolloff was chosen as the solution, and Efka proudly won the book.

Lots of Lords of Waterdeep was played, and after a confusing first round, the game rocks, its fast, its fun and its surprisingly easy to play once you understand the ambassador etc.

As always, it’s nice to pop to the Pitcher and Piano for a few drinks, it’s a stunning venue, and it was nice to sit back and hear the other DM’s and players sharing their stories from the day.

So, positives aside… What went wrong…

Primarily for me, it was the fact we only managed to fit 1 game of D&D in on each table, despite having a 2 hour time limit built into the adventure, all four tables over ran, and thus we missed the chance to set a second game of that going for the DM’s or running a different adventure. I was looking forward to a chance to play…

Secondly, Colman missed out on a game… When I’d set off on Friday we only had 28 signups, but we’d gained another during the evening, which put us beyond 4 full tables. I’d kind of expected someone not to turn up and thus we’d be ok, but nope, all of you came… I evither should have set a limit, or made sure I had a 7th character and got him onto my table. Having someone sat out and not involved in the event is embarassing for me and something the team need to plan for.

My third criticism is that I didn’t get chance to chat to you all. Despite arriving around 10ish, most of you were already here, and by the time i’d got everything set up and ready for the DM’s, I missed out on chatting to people like Matt, Rhys, Darrell, James, and all of Shane’s group. A big part of me thinks that maybe I should be more hands off, letting someone else DM that 4th table, and then I could have gone around photographing tables, listening in on the adventures. (Something David gets to do…)

The day was a great success, and I really enjoyed DM’ing for my table, however, we can only improve these events if we know what did and what didn’t work for you.


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