The Questionnaire

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Event Info

I recorded my table at the Drowathin, and @DMSamuel has graciously offered to host the actual play recording with the rest of the ones from the previous tweetups. In addition, he wants to do an article about the tweetups, and would like to feature responses from those who attend.

If you are willing to be included, can you answer these questions in the comments:

1) Why did you choose to attend the Drowathon

2) Have you been to a Tweetup event before, and if so, why did you attend another one

3) How did you hear about the Drowathon event

4) Would you attend another event run by the UK D&D Tweetup team

5) Did you enjoy the event and if so, which bit did you enjoy the most

6) Were there any problems with the event

  1. Matt says:

    1) Great opportunity to play new content, get a head start on the next Encounters Season, and to meet a wider group of midlands based D&D players.
    2) No.
    3) From my Encounters DM: Mik, and saw it on MeetUP
    4) Yes, as long as the travel time is reasonable (~1 hour from Leicester)
    5) The adventure was excellent, 3 quick encounters was more enjoyable than the 1 longer encounter we usually play. The shop was also a great place to use, and they even had D&D stock!
    6) Some hanging around at the start, a fixed start time would have helped set expectation, also lunch was very vague, with one team taking a break during the adventure. Again guidelines would be handy.

    Thank you very much for organising the day, really great introduction to D&D for my friend, and an enjoyable experience I’m eager to repeat.

  2. vobeskhan says:

    1) It gives me the chance to game with players/dm’s other than my regular local players.

    2) Because I know I’m going to have a great days gaming with fantastic friendly people, and the venue is just excellent.

    3) Originally through the wizards community uk forum, then attended UKTweetup3 and signed up for twitter and joined the fun.

    4) just try stopping me

    5) Very much so, an excellent days gaming

    6) My highlight was the look on the strikers faces when the wizard (Paul), who’d been plagued with abysmal dice rolls all game, took out the final two opponents in a blaze of glorious magic with a crit and an action point.

    7) Yes, I had to go home 😦

  3. Creedy says:

    1) Because I wanted to meet more D&Ders and get the reward item for the next season of encounters

    2) I have not

    3) From my encounters DM

    4) Absolutely!!

    5) I did, especially working in a group dynamic with total strangers

    6) None that i noticed

  4. tillycalow says:

    1) it was a great opportunity to meet new other players, and play different content.

    2) yes, if was very fun meeting new people the first time, and i was curious to talk to different players (and finally some other gamer girls :P, and mondo is a great place to look around.

    3) my dad was a DM… ipso facto…there i was! 🙂

    4) totally

    5) very much so, i loved the venue a lot, it was nice and open, generally easy to hear each other, which made the game a lot more effective.

    6) none i can think of…though i have to both contradict and agree with matt a little, i agree it would have been nice to have started basically on time, but i understand not everyone was there on time. but i think each group is different, some were hungry some weren’t, no point having lunch together if one group just wants to carry on,

  5. Matt’s points are very valid…

    In terms of the start, we’d said an 11am start for games which I think all the tables made, but I was expecting people to filter in between 10 and 11. I got to the store at 10 to find almost everyone there, which put me out of synch because I was having to setup and coordinate 4 tables around everyone, and I felt it was chaotic and unprofessional.

    Lunch has been an issue at pretty much every event we’ve run to be honest, and I’m not sure what the solution is, as some tables progress through adventures quicker than others, or might want to break at different points, or people may eat at the table. At the second tweetup, we ordered some food platters in, but not everyone wanted to eat, so that caused just as much hassle.

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