Who was who?

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Event Info

A short and potentially incomplete list of the Drowathon attendees and their known Twitter handles.

Adam – @adampageuk
Mik – @vobeskhan
Pete – @pedr
Shane – @grami_wer

James Broadley (Shane’s table) – @deadtimelove
Paul (Mik’s table) – @paulbaalham
Matt (Mik’s table) – @mattmawdsley
Rich (Pete’s table)- @richgreen01
Darrell (Pete’s table)- @brotherbaldric
Efka (Pete’s table)- @banjotheclown
Elaine (Pete’s table)- @phlizz
James Blakey (Pete’s table)- @phlebus
Glenn (Adam’s table)- @shanuksdaddy
Ian (Adam’s table)- @mister_haitch
Daisy (Adam’s table)- @pinkbatgirl
Chris (Adam’s table)- @rallyiv
Steven (Adam’s table) – @travipirate

  1. richgreen01 says:

    James’ daughter Jess was also on our table.

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