Encounters – A Session 0 Introduction

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Homemade Material, Rise of the Underdark

What happens when you cross one of the UK’s up and coming DM’s on the public play scene, with a convention exclusive adventure, a new season of Encounters, and a mixture of players who might or might not have played said convention adventure…

Well, If you’re Mik, this happens: https://ukdnddrowathon.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/session0intro.pdf

Designed as a very quick introduction to the new Encounters season, Web of the Spider Queen, Mik has written an encounter with a backstory that bridges the gap between The Sun Never Rises, and the players meeting Ghessla Silvermane at the Old Skull Inn.

I would tweak one line in the background slightly:

Her Radiance, Dareen Travaskyr, High Priestess at the Temple of Lathander in Daggerdale has called together a band of adventurers that have been resting in town, some of which recently took part in a daring rescue below her own temple which had been raided from below by a force of drow with dwarven mercenaries.

Dareen tells the adventurers she has been having vivid dreams of a drow invasion of the Dalelands, with the symbol of a large white skull prominent. She believes the incursion is going to happen soon and as such, has sent out her acolytes to seek out those in positions of power and deliver this omen of fear. So far none of her acolytes have returned, and Her Radiance is concerned that her word is being suppressed.

She asks the characters to travel to Shadowdale and speak to Ghessla Silvermane, proprietor of the Old Skull Inn. Perhaps from there, they can learn more about the impending invasion, or at least alert the neighbouring dale to the possible threat. Dareen also mentions that if the characters tell Ghessla that Her Radiance sent them, the innkeeper might offer them free meals, free lodging for a night, and, most important, free access to the Underdark.

Heading out of Daggerdale at midmorning the heroes set off on the march to Shadowdale in high spirits.

  1. vobeskhan says:

    ooh, like the tweak. Thanks Adam.

  2. vobeskhan says:

    Ran this for the two sessions last night after final tweaks to pc’s. Would have gone a lot better if I’d actually remembered to pack the right map (hangs head in shame) but improvised with the chapel map from the new encounters kit (adjacent to inn map) and played it as a ruined chapel enroute.

    Session 1 was 4 pc’s so only used 4 drow and they made it look easy, though one severly wounded drow escaped to warn his comrades.

    Session 2 was 7 pc’s so used 7 drow, but with abysmal dice rolls they also made light work, but a good introduction as one player was a new convert from older editions and must have enjoyed himself as he’s signed up for next week too.

    Note to self – pack everything!!!!

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