Homemade – Vice of Seduction

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Homemade Material

Created primarily to take the sub-optimal Drow race and give them a reason to become blackguards, which are a wholly underused class, I present to you the Vice of Seduction, a way for blackguards to embrace the shadows and their own sensuality.

Vice of Seduction
The life of a drow is tense and deadly. From conflicts with rival houses, to raiders from the Underdark, to assassination at the whim of the matriachol mothers and priestess’, it is a surprise that lust and sex is a large part of their society. But sex, whether it is consensual or not, lust, and seduction are a huge factor in their culture. It offers a momentarily release from the fear of inevitable death, a feeling of closeness, of bonding with others of your species. Few drow live to old age, so procreation is viewed almost like immortality, a way to beat death.
To this end, the drow have taken their natural strengths: self-confidence, deceit, betrayal, and learnt to wield it as a force of power, crafting their armour and weapons to take advantage of their agile forms and exotic sensuality. Those that embrace the shadows and the pleasure that come with them, do so without regard for morality, enjoying the emotional gain from the physical release of tempting and eliminating a foe.
Alignment: Those who follow the teachings of the drow temptresses and pleasure-mistresses do so becuase they have an evil heart and worship evil goddesses such as Lolth.

Level 1: Spirit of Vice (Seduction)
While some blackguards punish those who oppose them, embodying wrath, determination, and self-mutlation, to you, a battle is merely a playground for you to tempt and seduce within, capturing your foes hearts before slaughtering them when they are weakened by your beauty.
Benefit: When you use the bluff skill to gain combat advantage against an adjacent enemy, you make the check as a minor action.

Level 1: Vice At-Will Power (Seduction)
Your presence upon the battlefield is a distraction, your disregard for the social norms of sexuality a key to your success.
Benefit: You gain the seductive strike power.

Seductive Strike * Paladin Attack 1
“Even underneath your armour, your foe can sense your lithe movements, distracting them.”
At-Will * Divine, Enchantment, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee Weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Strength vs AC
Hit: 1W + Strength modifier damage. The target takes a penalty to it’s next attack roll against you equal to your Charisma modifier.

Level 7: Improved Shroud of Shadow (Seduction)
Drawing on the shadows to empower you, you weave them around you to emphasise your body’s natural assets.
Benefit: When you use your shroud of shadow power, you gain a +2 bonus to bluff checks until the end of your next turn.


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