NPC’s from Into The Unknown

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Character Sheets

I made a comment in my review of Into The Unknown that I felt WotC should have released the 7 NPC’s from the book via D&DI and allowed their use in the Encounters season. Taking the suggestions of race and class from each NPC’s section, and have built level 1 characters for them. I’ve tried to build more skill based characters where possible, but these contain elements from older, non Essentials books and thus would not be valid for use in the Web of the Spider Queen Encounters season.

Meliera – Eladrin Paladin

Karl Deepwalker – Human Ranger

Mord – Half-Orc Warpriest

Thorry the Unlucky – Svirfneblin Thief 

Ella – Halfling Warlock

Khiira – Drow Bard

Korag the Clanless – Dwarf Warlord

  1. @obsidiancrane, one of the key members of the D&D scene, and awesome author over at Daily Encounter ( has given us his own take on the drow bard Khiira:

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