D&D Next – Character Creation and Equipment

Posted: May 24, 2012 in D&D Next, Homemade Material

During our playtesting of D&D Next, we saw the v1 and v1.5 playtest documents. V1 was what was used at D&DXP and the UKT3 playtest, while version 1.5 gave us a sneak peak at their ideas for themes and feats at higher levels. Even those early versions were pretty damned good, and it’s nice to see how they revised the character pillars of race, class and theme into race (and sub race), class (with domain and rogue scheme), background and theme.

One aspect of character creation that I hope they’ve kept was an idea of equipment bundles, prepackaged items for each class to best suit their abilities, within the money budget you had. I liked the concept so much, I decided to create a few bundles of my own:

Battlerager – A bundle for a dwarven barbarian – axes, and lightweight armour to reduce the speed penalty, plus beer to celebrate/get in the mood.

Battleaxe, 2 x Handaxe, Hide Armour, Adventurers Pack, Barrel of Ale, Tankard

Tomb Raider – designed more for thieves, it focuses on equipment for getting around underground.

Shortsword, Leather Armour, Explorers Clothes, Adventurers Pack, Climbers Kit, Thieves Tools, Caltrops, Mirror, Magnifying Glass, Spade, Crowbar

Huntsman – a kit for archer fighters to give a wilderness ranger feel until we see the ranger.

Shortbow, Arrows (30), Handaxe, Hide armour, Cold Weather Clothes, Adventurers Pack, Climbers Kit, Fishing hook/net, Sewing kit, Tent, Signal whistle, Blanket

Bladedancer – a kit for flamboyant fighters.

Bastard Sword, Dagger, Studded Leather, Entertainers Clothes, Backpack, Ink+Pen (for signing autographs), Whetstone, Mirror, Soap, Sewing Kit

Sellsword – the equipment for a mercenary for hire, who roams the country, taking contracts to capture or kill.

Longsword, Dagger, Scalemail, Light Shield, Adventurers Pack, Travellers Clothes, Tent, Manacles

Pikeman – an equipment bundle for the common militia foot soldier who has who wants to keep their foes at a distance.

Halberd, Shortsword, Scalemail, Adventurers Pack, Blanket, Tent, Mug

City Guard – an equipment bundle for militia that have served within the trusted guard of a minor noble.

Longsword, Heavy Mace, Dagger, Scalemail, Courtiers Clothes, Torches (10), Tinderbox, Whetstone, Cloak, Tabard


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