Encounters, Session 1 – The Old Skull Inn

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Pictures, Web of the Spider Queen

You reach Shadowdale at dusk. A looming hill of pure white stone stands above the town, weeds growing out of the many cracks across its surface. Everybody knows the name of this site – Old Skull. The drow that built Shadowdale in ancient times came out from passages underneath the hill, or so the legends say.

The few buildings of Shadowdale are surrounded by sprawling farms. You make your way to the crossroads at the center of town. There you find the inn whose sign shows the round white hill. You walk onto the wooden porch at the front of the three-story building. Warm liaht and the scent of a delicious dinner come from inside, welcoming you to the Old Skull Inn.

And so began the introduction to the new seasons of Encounters, Web of the Spider Queen. During this season, you’ll meet and interact, and be supported by plenty of NPC’s, including some of legend… You’ll be tasked with infiltration and retreival, you’ll experience the dangers of the Underdark, fight one of my favourite mini (web golem!), and generally kick drow arse throughout the season, culminating in a pretty intense final battle in the Tower of Ashaba.

So how did you fair last night in the battle with the drow in the Old Skull Inn?

Mik’s group played 2 sessions of this, the photos are here: http://www.meetup.com/EMRPGG/photos/8482072/ and http://www.meetup.com/EMRPGG/photos/8482342/

  1. vobeskhan says:


    Brief write up of both our sessions this week. Two very different groups and equally different approaches to the game.

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