The D&D Playtest Is Live

Posted: May 24, 2012 in D&D Next

The title says it all really, the first public playtest of the D&D Next core rules, races and classes is live. If you previously signed up to be notified of the playtest’s release, you’ll be emailed sometime today with a link to fill in a playtesting agreement , and from there, you will be emailed a download link (not currently working) for the actual materials.

As part of the playtesting agreement, it releases those of us who took part in the previous playtest from some aspects of our NDA and lets us take about our playtesting experience.

While many in the Friends and Family playtest kept their identity a secret, the fact that Mike Mearls thanked the UK D&D Tweetup in the announcement of the playtest release kind of blew any cover I had with regards playtesting. I am very thankful that Mike went out of his way to offer the materials to the UK community, and I hope that the feedback we sent was beneficial.

I ran between 15 and 20 games of D&D Next, in a variety of environments, some were face to face, some were online, some used minis, some used theatre of the mind, some used pre-gens, some used created characters. On the whole it was a really positive experience, and well received by those I was playtesting with. While there were concerns over some rules, that I hope have been addressed in the public playtest, everyone seemed to enjoy the steps WotC had made to both embrace the past of D&D and update the game to a new and robust edition.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the playtest and seeing how much of our feedback was taken on board.

  1. paulbaalham says:

    Thank you for securing the playtest for the Tweetup and for putting so much time into running it and compiling feedback for WotC. Hopefully they appreciate the effort you went to.

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